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Become a BHS Assessment Venue

If you would like to become an assessment venue to help us deliver our BHS Career Pathways, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold BHS Approved Centre status for a minimum of one year to apply to become a Ride Safe Assessment Venue
  • Hold BHS Approved Centre status for a minimum of one year and hold BHS Approved Training Centre status to apply to become an assessment venue for stages qualifications
  • In the first instance, contact the BHS Education team who will send you the venue requirements (equipment list, facilities and horses required, for example). If you are happy with the requirements, we can send you an application form
  • Completed application form (plus additional risk assessment for Ride Safe venues), plus proof of Riding School License, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance. Previous inspection reports from a BHS Approvals Inspector and/or BHS Approved Training Centre (ATC) Inspector are also reviewed. If more than 12 months has lapsed since your last ATC inspection, we may bring this forward
  • If your application is accepted, an assessment venue contract is required to be signed
  • We recommend that the first assessment you hold be limited to your own internal candidates (think of it as a ‘pilot assessment’ for your centre). Upon successful completion of this assessment, and satisfactory reports from the assessors, you will be confirmed as an assessment venue for that level
  • Any upgrades (requests to run assessments at a different level than that originally confirmed) will be reviewed on an individual basis

Please note, you must remain a current BHS Approved Centre if you are holding Ride Safe assessments. You must remain a current BHS Approved Training Centre if holding stages assessments.

You cannot apply to become an assessment venue for a level higher than your Approved Training Centre level. Although we will advertise assessment dates on our website and social media channels, we also ask that as a centre you actively try to promote the assessment days you hold.

To apply to become a BHS Assessment Venue or for more information, please contact our Education Team