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Payment Holiday

We are committed to supporting our whole BHS Team and we have received many requests from our Accredited Professional Coaches for additional support during this time. We appreciate that for some of you the timing of the receipt of government grants may be too long to wait. Loss of your income and the impact on your cashflow have been key considerations in our decision to offer you a payment holiday for your APC fees, should you wish to take it.

Many of you will be aware that the Accredited Professional Coach payment plan already includes a number of benefits, for example the cost of insurance being spread monthly for coaches whilst having been prepaid in a lump sum by the BHS.

Therefore, we will offer a four-month payment holiday for those who wish to take it.

This is an opportunity to defer your APC payments for a four-month period and spread the balance of those costs over the remaining months of your existing contract plus an additional twelve months.

During the payment holiday you will continue to receive all the APC benefits including insurance, access to advice and support, Facebook group and Challenge Awards.

The payment holiday will start in May with no payments being taken for May, June July and August. Our plan is that payments will then resume in September.

The payment holiday is available to all coaches including those who are due to renew within the next four months and pay by direct debit as well as those who are due to make an annual payment in the next four months.

If you would like to take advantage of this four month payment holiday please contact, before the 20th April. We also appreciate that many coaches may wish to continue with their current payment schedule and not take advantage of the payment holiday. This would be a great support to the Society as it would enable us to focus our support on those coaches most in need.

Whilst we are operating with a reduced team during this time it may take a little longer to reply to your email but please be assured that we will process all requests for the payment holiday as quickly as we can and commit to putting the payment holiday in place for all requests received by 20 April which have been sent to


Remote Coaching

There are no specific government guidelines at present in relation to riding your horse. Our strong advice is that it is not appropriate to put unnecessary pressure on the emergency services now or for the foreseeable future. It is incumbent on all of us to make an individual decision as to whether riding is necessary at all, at this time.

Decisions can only be taken based on individual circumstances, but our choices should always be mindful of the potential impact for ourselves and others.

If your client chooses to keep riding and asks you to coach them remotely, SEIB has provided us with the following statement regarding the validity of your insurance:

The Accredited Professional Coach (APC) must act within government guidelines, and riders must consider whether lessons are essential, should tighter restrictions be put in place we would need to reassess the situation once more.

Cover is extended to allow the use of remote instruction via video technology, and the following conditions apply:

  • A first aider must be on site when the lesson is taking place, the coach should be informed as to the contact details of this person prior to starting the lesson.
  • Subject to a minimum of three lessons previously having been undertaken with the same rider/horse/coach combination, face to face.
  • Where fixed video facilities are not in place at the arena, a third party aged 18 or over should video the lesson.
  • No lessons to be undertaken where the pupil is under the age of 18.

No jumping to be undertaken during a lesson and this includes cross country and arena jumping.


Challenge Awards

The BHS encourages coaches to consider coaching more theory-based sessions where possible and to assist with this we have made the decision to make Challenge Awards available for everyone (not just BHS members) up until the end of June 2020. We have also reduced the registration fee to cover the packing and postage costs only.

Once you have purchased your packs you will receive the participant’s information booklets and certificates, so you can send these to your clients.

In addition to the Introduction awards, bronze, silver and gold, the BHS is also introducing four new awards (all excellent for virtual theory sessions):

Horse Health is a must for every horse owner or anyone who spends a lot of time around horses. It would also be beneficial for those training towards their BHS Stage assessments. This award includes recognising a range of common health conditions that can affect horses and ponies, as well as first aid procedures, giving participants an opportunity to practise basic treatments and procedures. There is a checklist to be signed off by the coach at the end of the booklet and participants are awarded a certificate on completion.

Horse Knowledge (Part 1 and Part 2) is a progressive two-part theory course, that can be delivered entirely in a classroom setting. Participants receive two booklets to work through and there are PowerPoint presentations for coaches to accompany each topic. There are fun quiz questions to be answered after each topic and certificates are awarded on completion of each booklet. The Horse Knowledge awards provide a solid foundation for participants to progress onto the Bronze About the Horse challenge awards, where they can focus on developing their practical skills.

First Pony Guide is ideal to help anyone thinking about taking the plunge and getting themselves or their child that first horse or pony. Delivered through a combination of theory and practical sessions participants will be introduced to the basics of looking after a pony which includes the potential costs, livery options and daily care, as well as practical skills such as safe handling, mucking out and tacking up. There is a checklist to be signed off by the coach at the end of the booklet and participants are awarded a certificate on completion.


Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum resource packs (pack of four): £5 per pack; this is £1.25 per award, per person; based on an average of 10 online sessions per awards, this equates to just 12p per participant per session.

Individuals Awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or introduction awards or any of our new awards: £3 per award (Horse Knowledge and The Introduction Awards available as a pack of two booklets).

All prices include booklets, access to session guides (to be adapted to your individual needs and remote delivery) and certificates.

A complete set of all guides are available for £25 for Coaches or centres to purchase.

Please remember these cannot be delivered at a non-approved BHS Riding School.

To deliver the awards there is a short initial training session that we are offering via video call. You must book your session and spaces are limited. Training sessions are as follows:

For more information please contact,



E-safety guidance for our coaches and centres can be found on the safeguarding page of the BHS website.


We need your help

Here at the BHS we have spent the last two weeks providing advice and support to our centres, coaches and horse owners at this very difficult time.

As the situation we are facing develops, we are receiving a large amount of calls from horse owners. Many are simply asking for advice, but a few have concerns over how they would look after their horse/pony should they themselves fall ill with Covid-19. The advice we are giving (on our website) is for horse owners to make contingency plans and ‘buddy up’ with friends should the need to self-isolate arise, but there may be some that are unable to do so. This is where we are looking for support from our BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and BHS Volunteers. We would like to be able to provide some voluntary support to these individuals to offer basic care of their horse (checking, feeding and watering) through a volunteer network of Accredited Professional Coaches and existing BHS Volunteers.

We would therefore like to know if you would be happy to be someone who could be called on in a case of need. Responding to this request is entirely voluntary and we would ask you to follow the latest government guidance in carrying out such a request. I appreciate that some would prefer to decline on the grounds of their own health and safety or that of their family. At this stage, we are not yet at the point of needing to call on anyone to help but we are drawing up contingency plans and information should the need arise.

Could you please email ( if you are happy to be contacted to support those in need should help be required in your area.