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As the Ride Safe Award supports its first candidates through the assessments, we reflect on our new award, an essential component to any rider’s portfolio.

Ride Safe doesn’t just focus on riding on the road, but also gives guidance on how to ride safely on bridleways, in arenas, warming up at competitions and even on beaches.

The award is aimed at anyone who rides, irrespective of their ability. Riders will learn practical examples, tips and guidance on how to stay safe. It covers subjects like effectively using hand signals on the road, safely dismounting and being in control of the horse.

As our first sweep of candidates are awarded their Ride Safe certificates and badges, we reflect on some of the great responses to come out of the new assessment days:

  • ‟Assessors spoke with a reassuring tone of voice and spoke clearly”
  • Everything was explained well and was easy to understand
  • Assessors were friendly and reassuring
  • It was an enjoyable day and a good experience
  • Assessors always invited us to ask questions
  • Learned lots, feel confident
  • Looking forward to more BHS exams
  • Well organised, had a great day

Ride Safe follows on from our Dead Slow campaign which we initiated last year. Dead Slow was launched due to the alarming number of incidents involving horses on our roads. In the past year alone, 426 road incidents have been reported to the BHS resulting in the death of one person and 21 horses. Dead Slow educates drivers on how to safely pass horses on the road, but riders have a responsibility, too.

We hope that anyone who considers riding out will take the Ride Safe Award to feel confident and safe in all environments. Enjoy training with our friendly and professional teams, as one candidate reveals, [The Ride Safe Award] was good fun.