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The Skills Record is a booklet designed to help support you as you develop through your career. It also provides a way of recording your achievements as you learn new skills. Your Skills Record will assist you as you undertake training and ensure that you are fully prepared for your assessments, as you progress through the BHS Career Pathways (Complete Horsemanship Stages 1-4).

Please look after your Skills Record as it contains a wealth of information to guide and support you. It also has relevant sign off pages to confirm you are ready for assessment and necessary templates for coach endorsements.

Your Skills Record must be signed off by an Accredited Professional or Approved Centre Coach with the relevant qualification at least one level higher than what is being signed off. Your Skills Record should be signed on an ongoing basis as you undertake regular training. We would recommend this should be completed at least one month before your assessment date.

You will need to take your Skills Record to your assessments. You can download and print your own Skills Record (link below), or you can purchase a copy for only £5 from our online bookshop.