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Information for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and Approved Centres

If you are not a coach and would like to find out more about Challenge Awards, click here.

Any Accredited Professional Coach or BHS Approved Centre are eligible to deliver the Challenge Awards; following a short introductory training session. These training sessions will provide you with all you need to know to get started.

Book a face-to-face session

Our face-to-face sessions are a classroom based presentation. Covers all you need to know to deliver the Challenge Awards. These events follow after a Stage 4 Training event, for further information on these events visit the Stage 4 Accredited Trainer page.

We currently have no face to face sessions planned. Please check back for updates or book a conference call (see below).

Book a conference call

Receive your induction training from the comfort of your own home by booking on one of our conference calls. Upon booking your session you will be emailed the number to call and further information and guidance that explains the Challenge Awards and how to deliver them. Your conference call will then give you the opportunity to go through the process in more detail and ask any queries you may have. The call shouldn’t last longer than one hour.

Click on the link below and select 'Challenge Awards' in the event type search.

Book your session today

If a conference call doesn't suit you please get in touch with us to discuss other options. 

We are excited about the Challenge Awards, so book your session now so you can start delivery as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we’re often asked, covering information about the awards, training and the participants and how you can get involved.

The Awards

The Participants

Delivering a course

Introductory training for APCs and Approved Centres


Challenge awards link to the Equine Excellence Professional Pathway

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