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This award will introduce you to the concept of lungeing your horse, and the first steps to master the skills required to be able to lunge safely.

This award will cover:

  • The reasons for lungeing a horse
  • The equipment required for you and your horse
  • How to tack up for lungeing
  • The basic skills for handling the lunge equipment confidently



This award introduces you to the basics of lungeing safely in walk and trot. Along with your coach’s support you will learn to control your horse from the ground.

This award will cover:

  • Checking the lungeing area for safety
  • The aids used when lungeing
  • How to lunge your horse in walk and trot



Being able to lunge successfully will give you a huge sense of achievement as your horse responds to your verbal and non-verbal aids. This award introduces lungeing with side reins in walk and trot in order to progress your skills to the next level.

You will:

  • Find out about the reasons for using side reins
  • Learn how to fit side reins to your horse
  • Lunge your horse in walk and trot with side reins



You will:

  • Learn how to recognise if your horse is working actively
  • Lunge your horse in canter with side reins
  • Learn some exercises you can use when lungeing



If you have your own horse, courses are delivered by an Accredited Professional Coach. Your coach can come to your livery yard or British Riding Club grounds.

If you do not own your own horse, or you’re not sure if they would be suitable, don’t worry. There are BHS Approved Riding Centres throughout the UK that deliver challenge awards with their facilities and horses. 

You can achieve the challenge awards at your local Approved Centre where they will match you to a horse to ensure your lessons are suitable to your experience.



You are required to join the BHS to participate in the Challenge Awards. Membership starts from as little as £3.66 a month for Silver membership, and we hope you will want to support our charity and enjoy the benefits that come with membership.

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