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This qualification will only be delivered up until 2021

BHS Senior Equitation will assess your competence and knowledge in the principles of training horses on the ground and under saddle on the flat and over fences both in showjumping and cross-country.

You will be required to assess, ride and jump several horses through all three disciplines, showing a practical knowledge of training from the ground, young and spoiled horses in addition to those at the levels stated below.

This award will consider your knowledge and practical experience in assessing unknown horses on the flat and over fences, your ability to asses and discuss with clarity the correctness of training, any problems, the horse’s outline and capability among others.

You will also lunge an unknown horse for development with empathy and authority. You will be asked to assess and evaluate the horse you are working with, recognising strengths and limitations in their performance.

You will:

  • Assess a horse as if for purchase showing ability to ride with empathy and effect
  • Be able to use the scales of training and the scale of marks as objective measurement criteria
  • Be able to plan ridden training sessions and develop skill levels in horses
  • Show clear understanding of the requirements of dressage riding up to and including advanced medium
  • Show clear understanding of the requirements of showjumping up to 1.15 metres
  • Show clear understanding of the requirements of cross-country riding up to 1.10 metres
  • Show clear understanding of discipline riding requirements for competition and assessment
  • Show ability to discuss development and future training 
  • Be able to use exercises to aid improvement of horses on the lunge
  • Show a clear understanding of systematic training of horses
  • Be assessed on your ability to plan development and future training for the horse