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Stage 5 Performance Rider shows a level of competence that allows a rider to take responsibility for a horse’s training, development and care for competition.

This career certificate recognises your ability to progress and develop training of horses and manage their work ratios in accordance with discipline requirements.

Stage 5 Performance Centre Manager with Riding will ensure the skills to train horses for equestrian competition work within a chosen discipline to an advanced level.

The Stage 5 Performance Centre Manager with Riding qualification is awarded upon achievement of:

Compulsory units:

  • Unit 1: Critique of Equine Care Related Literature
  • Unit 2: Performance Care
  • Unit 3: Commercial Equine Business Management Presentation
  • Unit 4: Commercial Equine Business Management Skills
  • Unit 5: Working the Horse from the Ground Using Two Reins

Plus one of the following riding units:

  • Unit 6: Performance Event Ride
  • Unit 7: Performance Dressage Ride
  • Unit 8: Performance Show Jump Ride

We understand that not all riders wish to pursue a professional riding career within all disciplines. Perhaps you would like to follow our show jumping or dressage specific routes?:

Our Other Pathways

Whatever your career aspirations – caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation – there’s a pathway for you.

Our Coaching Pathway combines care and management, riding and teaching for a world renowned Coach in Complete Horsemanship career.