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Performance Centre Manager with Riding shows a level of competence that allows a rider to take responsibility for a horse’s training, development and care for competition.

This career certificate recognises your ability to progress and develop training of horses and manage their work ratios in accordance with discipline requirements.

Performance Centre Manager with Riding will ensure the skills to train horses for equestrian competition work within a chosen discipline to an advanced level.

The Performance Centre Manager with Riding qualification is awarded upon achievement of:

Compulsory units:

  • Unit 1: Performance Care
  • Unit 2: Critique of Equine Care Related Literature
  • Unit 3: Commercial Equine Business Management Skills
  • Unit 4: Commercial Equine Business Management Presentation
  • Unit 5: Working the Horse from the Ground Using Two Reins

Plus one of the following riding units:

  • Unit 6: Performance Event Ride
  • Unit 7: Performance Dressage Ride
  • Unit 8: Performance Show Jump Ride

We understand that not all riders wish to pursue a professional riding career within all disciplines. Perhaps you would like to follow our show jumping or dressage specific routes?:

Our Other Pathways

Whatever your career aspirations – caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation – there’s a pathway for you.

Our Coaching Pathway combines care and management, riding and teaching for a world renowned Coach in Complete Horsemanship career.