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The BHS Groom with Riding Pathway provides the practical riding skills and knowledge to support a rider or groom that has responsibility to care for, produce, train and exercise horses.

We strongly believe that any professional in the industry requires a sound knowledge of horse care and stable management to supplement their career, whether a coach, groom, rider or trainer. Our Groom with Riding Pathway will help you develop a sympathetic riding style and ensure you put the welfare of the horse at the heart of your riding and training.

Skills of a Groom and Rider

A professional in this career will require a broad equestrian knowledge and practical ability, including management and handling horses, equine health, anatomy, physiology, feeding, fattening, saddlery, stable design and grassland management. As well as the care and management of horses, anyone who aspires to ride and train horses will require to understand and apply the Training Scale for the horse, show an understanding of a horse’s performance and evaluate its way of going, adapting your riding style appropriately.

At Stage 1 and Stage 2 you will develop the basic skills for riding over all three paces and over ground poles and small fences. You will learn to ride in a group and individually, showing empathy for the horse at all times. From Stage 3 you will develop more proficiency through the stages as you will be required to ride and train horses to a high standard suitable for competition.

Within our eventing riding options you will be required to ride and train horses up to elementary and advanced medium dressage movements and have a balanced seat over fences leading to a course of show jumps up to 1.20 metres and cross-country fences up to 1.15 metres.
Performance Riders are competent in both riding and training horses on the flat and over fences in all three Olympic disciplines.
We understand that not all riders wish to pursue a career within all disciplines. From Stage 3 you can choose one of three disciplines to showcase your riding skills; eventing, dressage or show jumping.

Dressage and Show Jumping Pathways

We understand that not all riders wish to pursue a professional riding career within all disciplines. Perhaps you would like to follow our jump or dressage specific routes? 

Our Other Pathways

Whatever your career aspirations – caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation – there’s a pathway for you.

Our Coaching Pathway combines care and management, riding and teaching for a world renowned Coach in Complete Horsemanship career.