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Unit 5: Stage 4 Senior Ride for Training Dressage will demonstrate your ability to ride and confidently handle a variety of horses to develop their way of going for dressage.

Horses may be young, green or sharp and you will be expected to analyse the Training Scale and provide in-depth explanations, analysis and solutions on training horses.

This unit will assess your knowledge and practical experience in understanding a horse’s performance, your ability to discuss both good and bad performance and suggest schooling methods for improvement.

You will:

  • Understand the training of horses from birth to riding away and further to competition
  • Understand how to train horses for dressage from Intro to Elementary
  • Be able to prepare for, ride and assess horses to develop their way of going, including:
    • Inexperienced dressage horses
    • Trained dressage horses in a double bridle
    • Horses used to train others

Unit 5: Stage 4 Senior Ride for Training Dressage is designed for riders who want to focus on dressage and is included in the Dressage Pathway. We are pleased to also offer show jumping or complete/eventing routes for riders and coaches.