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Stage 5 Unit 5: Working the Horse from the Ground Using Two Reins will assess your competence and knowledge in the principles of training horses from the ground to develop their way of going.

You will be required to assess a horse and work the horse between two reins to develop its way of going.

Important Information: BHS Stage 5 Lunge is currently assessed as part of BHS Stage 5 Ride


If you plan to take your assessment before 1 September 2020 this unit is not available. Please refer to the below details. You will follow the BHS Senior Equitation syllabus (lunge and riding)

This will require you to assess the individual horse you are working with to ensure an effective lungeing session. The horse may be of any size, type, sex or age, from three years and capable of work quality from limited to very good. The horses may be of any level of fitness and any level of training and experience.

You will:

  • Be able to use exercises to aid improvement of horses on the lunge
  • Show a clear understanding of systematic training of horses
  • Be assessed on your ability to plan development and future training for the horse

Please note:

  • You cannot take a stage 5 assessment at a centre you currently work in or have worked in in the last 12 months.
  • You cannot take a stage 5 assessment at a centre that you have undertaken training at in the last 6 months.

*Within the 6 month period prior to the assessment candidates will be allowed to attend a maximum of two Stage 5 group workshops (for example, introduction to Stage 5 or Equitation & Coaching) at a centre where you are planning on taking a Stage 5 assessment – this cannot be 1:1 training sessions. The centre will record attendance at these events.



If you plan to take your assessment after 1 September 2020 please refer to the below details for Stage 5 Unit 5: Working the Horse From the Ground Using Two Reins