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The Performance Centre Manager with Riding will allow you to fulfil a senior strategic management position within an equestrian business. Often such roles are within an established and sizeable equestrian business, such as an equine college or large equestrian centre. You will be able to support the training and development of junior staff and career students, in addition to offering advice and guidance to clients on all aspects of horse care and management, riding and training.

You will also be able to work as a rider and trainer of horses, taking responsibility for their training, development and care for competition. You will be skilled in training horses, enhanced with a broad knowledge in all aspects of business management and horse care, including maintaining horse health, care of competition horses and the breeding and management of young horses.

This career certificate demonstrates your commitment to upholding the highest standards in equine care, training, riding and management, and the ability to lead your business and impart your knowledge to others. It also demonstrates your commitment to equine welfare showing your continued development of health and safety and making a valuable contribution to the management of horses within your care.

This career certificate endorses you as an ambassador for the BHS at home and overseas, showing commitment to the continued development and leading standards of horse care, management, riding and training with the welfare of the horse central to your ethos. You will hold the BHS values at the heart of all you do as a role model in the industry.

The Performance Centre Manager with Riding (Dressage) qualification is awarded upon achievement of three sections:

  • Section 1: Care and Welfare
  • Section 2: Business Management
  • Section 3: Training Horses (Lunge and Ride)

For an overview of the Performance Centre Manager with Riding qualification and scope of assessment please download the guidance.

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