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Update 21 January 2021:

Refresher and initial courses are now available. As we are all still faced with challenges caused by Covid-19 we are making a few more changes to CPD, Safeguarding and First Aid requirements for APCs.

Safeguarding (England, Wales and Scotland): Our virtual Safeguarding courses are up and running already, we are working through the backlog and hopefully we will get you booked on a virtual course as soon as possible, if your expiry has passed. The extension for Safeguarding for all Accredited Professional Coaches who has expired or will expire before 31st August 2021 to be extended to 31st August 2021. We encourage those who has expired to book on a course sooner rather than later, so that your Accredited Professional Coach membership does not become invalidated. View our list of Safeguarding dates by clicking the Safeguarding box below.

Northern Ireland and Ireland: Please contact Susan Spratt at, 02842 788681 or 07808 141079 to book a safeguarding course.

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities we have in our duty of care towards young people, and includes helpful guidelines on protecting young people and promoting good practice within the equine industry.

We have a legal and moral duty of care to protect all children and young adults involved in horse activities. This course is valid for three years and covers essential knowledge and practical tips to assist you in your duty of care towards young people.

Safeguarding for Equestrians Initial Training

Due to the current restrictions in place we cannot deliver our usual face-to-face initial courses or refreshers. We are pleased to be able to offer our tutor led face-to-face course via video call instead during this period.

Safeguarding for Equestrians Online Refresher Training

Designed specifically for coaches in the equine industry, this online course has been produced by the, in association with the British Equestrian Federation. This course provides an easy access refresher course for those who have completed the Safeguarding for Equestrians Course since July 2011.

Safeguarding Requirements for Accredited Professional Coaches and Approved Centres

The BHS requires your safeguarding training to be refreshed every three years. You would first attend a face-to-face initial course (currently being delivered virtually) and then a refresher after three years. Every alternate refresher must be the face-to-face tutor led course.


Already have an accredited Safeguarding course? We may be able to use this in our Accredited Prior Learning process. For further information contact the Safeguarding Team on 02476 840461