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Stage 4 Ride will demonstrate your ability to ride and confidently handle a variety of horses on the flat and over fences.

Important Information: this award will be updated in 2019.

Horses may be young, green, sharp or idle and you will be expected to analyse the scales of training and provide in-depth explanations, analysis and solutions on training horses.

This award will assess your knowledge and practical experience in understanding a horse’s performance, your ability to discuss both good and bad performance and suggest schooling methods for improvement.

You will:

  • Be able to ride and assess horses up to elementary level
  • Understand the training of horses from birth to riding away and further to competition at elementary level
  • Understand how to train horses to jump to newcomers showjumping and novice horse trials
  • Be able to prepare for, ride and assess horses over a course of showjumps up to 1.07 metres/3 feet 6 inches
  • Be able to prepare for, ride and assess horses over a cross-country course up to 1.07 metres/3 feet 6 inches

Stage 4 Ride is a combined assessment and we do not currently offer a Stage 4 Ride (Jump) and Stage 4 Ride (Dressage). We look forward to providing these in the near future. To continue with the BHS Professional Rider, please book Stage 4 Ride.