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A unique element of the BHS Career Pathways is the globally recognised BHS Coach in Complete Horsemanship – aspiring to learn all elements of equitation, care and management and teaching techniques to become a complete coach in the equine industry.

The BHS Complete Horsemanship Pathway supports you to become a world-leading equestrian coach with the 360 degree understanding, knowledge and skills to support your clients and the next generation to reach their goals and ambitions.

Coaching can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career, offering a range of career opportunities in a vast industry.

Skills of a Coach

This pathway supports the fundamental skills required to teach and coach both entry level and professional competitive equestrians in care and management and riding.

Through the combination of skill and knowledge acquired through our BHS stages in care, riding and teaching, a career in Complete Horsemanship allows you to stand above the crowd and utilise the widest remit of knowledge and expertise to coach our current and future generations.  

Dressage and Show Jumping Pathways

We understand that not all coaches wish to pursue a professional career within all disciplines. Perhaps you would like to follow our show jumping or dressage specific routes? 

Our Other Pathways

Whatever your career aspirations – caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation – there’s a pathway for you.

Coaching not for you? Take a look at our Professional Rider or Groom Pathway and be inspired by our other exciting career paths.