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BHS Stage 5 Unit 12: Coaching Show Jumping develops your skills as a trainer of horses and riders who can bridge the gap between training at grass roots level and those competing in national classes.

This award will demonstrate your skills as an effective coach with sound teaching and equitation principles required to coach individuals and groups in all environments and discuss all aspects of training and careers.

You will:

  • Show natural aptitude and empathy in your coaching, able to impart knowledge with clarity, enthusiasm and impact
  • Show clear understanding of requirements of coaching show jumping up to 1.20 metres
  • Be able to train students for current qualifications and competitions within the industry such as BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Riding Club competitions and Pony Club competitions
  • Demonstrate appropriate coaching styles when coaching a private and semi private sessions, assessing horse and rider and negotiating development

Up until September 2020 we can only offer the Complete Coaching option (the combined dressage and jumping, Senior Coach). We hope to offer the Coaching Show Jumping unit from September 2020.


Please note:

  • You cannot take a Stage 5 assessment at a centre you currently work in or have worked in in the last 12 months.
  • You cannot take a Stage 5 assessment at a centre that you have undertaken training at in the last 6 months.

*Within the 6 month period prior to the assessment candidates will be allowed to attend a maximum of two Stage 5 group workshops (for example, introduction to Stage 5 or Equitation & Coaching) at a centre where you are planning on taking a Stage 5 assessment – this cannot be 1:1 training sessions. The centre will record attendance at these events.