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Unit 4: Stage 2 Coaching assesses your ability as a teacher, working with riders of varying ages who are riding as a part of their leisure time.

You will show competencies to be able to work with novice riders both on the lunge and lead rein, showing an understanding of how basic early skills are established.

Unit 4: Stage 2 Coaching will assess your knowledge and understanding in delivering a class lesson including both flatwork and jumping. Flatwork will show an understanding of working with small groups of riders in walk, trot and canter working on balance and riding position, which may include work both with and without stirrups. You will be able to progress flatwork to jumping, as an integrated lesson working over ground poles, a single fence, double or related distance.

You will also be assessed in delivering practical stable management sessions covering routine activities such as putting on a bridle, rug or grooming. You will have an understanding of coaching principles, how riders progress, how to introduce new subject matter and how to deal with problems.