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Carl Hester MBE, Ian Stark OBE, Yogi Breisner MBE, Jennie Loriston-Clarke MBE, William Micklem and Ferdi Eilberg. What do these equestrian icons have in common? They are all Fellows of the BHS.

The BHS Fellowship is the ultimate aspiration for any coach. An expert in equitation and horsemanship, BHS Fellows are renowned throughout the global equine industry as an ambassador for the equestrian profession and a thought leader in the sector.

A Fellow is often the person that people go to for advice, knowledge, expertise and support during their career – as a Fellow you will be an inspiration for many. A Fellow is an admired trainer of horses and riders from grass roots level up to world class competition riders. 

To gain the Fellowship, you will have a commitment to equine welfare and the continued development of training practices, both for horses and riders, continuously researching and developing your skills – a Fellow does not stand still in the industry.

You will lead others and most importantly, use your enthusiasm to share your knowledge and inspire and influence the next generation of coaches to continue the legacy you will have established.

We offer the option to join the world renowned BHS Fellowship covering all three Olympic disciplines (coaching Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing) or you may opt to specialise in just one of these pathways.

Pictured above (left to right) are Fellows of the BHS Yogi Breisner, Sabrina Jones, Sam York and Islay Auty.

Our Other Pathways

Whatever your career aspirations – caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation – there’s a pathway for you.

Coaching not for you? Take a look at our Professional Rider or Groom Pathway and be inspired by our other exciting career paths.