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An Equine Dental Technician (EDT) is a suitably qualified professional who examines and evaluates the horse’s teeth. They can perform routine checks and rasping (but not extractions or more complicated procedures under current dental regulations which MUST be carried out by a vet). The conformation of the horse’s jaw, or problems with their teeth, could lead to many welfare and performance issues so the EDT plays a vital role. Undetected dental problems have the potential to cause widespread welfare and performance issues in the horse so appropriate dental care from a suitably qualified equine dental technician or equine vet is absolutely crucial as part of equine routine care.

Great for

  • Individuals who have an interest in equine science, anatomy and physiology
  • Those that enjoy a challenge and are able to look at problems holistically and systematically – horses are unable to tell you what’s wrong or where the pain is!
  • Individuals that want a hands on career and not afraid to get stuck in and a little dirty – even a routine rasping will get messy

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