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Sam gained her Fellowship in February 2017. The Fellowship is the highest qualification offered by the BHS, and Sam achieved it at her first attempt.

Some of the best coaches in the world are BHS Fellows and Sam is proud to have joined such a prestigious group. She believes coaching is an incredibly rewarding career: “You can change lives through coaching, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness it,” she said.

Sam hopes her journey through BHS qualifications can inspire others. “The journey through the BHS system is one that changes lives… anyone who dedicates to the mission and works hard can achieve their ambition and dreams. I hope I can do a lot more in the future.”

Sam knows first-hand the importance of qualifications and experience: “I work at a university and see students graduating with degrees, year in year out, yet I know employers in the equine sector would still always favour a graduate with solid practical skills in addition to their degree. The opportunities are endless, and it’s never been more exciting.”

Sam may have achieved her goal, but she’ll continue to coach clients to ensure that they can reach their dreams and ambitions.